Fantasy Graphic Novel Series

Grinidon is a fantasy series set in the land of Calaway, a large island settled by humans nearly a half-century ago. The story begins in the city of Carnasus, the capital of the southern kingdom, where its people prepare for an attack from the north. The kingdoms’ feud dates back to the old land, and after twenty years of war, Carnasus prepares for what may be its end.

The council has sent word for those loyal to the realm to aid them, but they know this is a battle that they cannot hope to win. The northern army is impossibly large and their king has taken steps to ensure victory.

All appears lost until a figure from Carnasus’ past reemerges - but the slim hope he offers comes with great risk, for he knows a dark secret that must never be told.

The council must decide if they will place their lives into the hands of those they cannot trust, or risk annihilation and leave their end to fate.